Free Range Chikn is wearing this purple bracelet until his t-shirt arrives.

Recently, a close friend of mine decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. His trail name is Free Range Chikn and his slogan for this trip is “Doin’ it cause I can, for those who can’t.” His plan is to walk about 1,500 of the 2,600 miles of the trail. It will take him about 4 months. He is doing it in honor of my baby nephews, Cadence & Asher.

I was so touched by this gesture! Shane (Free Range Chikn) and I are hiking partners from way back, although he didn’t have the nifty trail name at the time. So I got to thinking: Cadence & Asher can have built in, honorary trail names too! The timing is such that I just recently gave them the nicknames Mr. Giggle & Chuckle Tummy, based on a song & story I wrote as part of an upcoming fundraiser my brother is organizing for them (See Iron Sharpens Iron Event). So I designed t-shirts, with their new trail names on them, as a way to promote Free Range Chikn’s trip, which is geared toward raising awareness & funds for the boys. This way Mr. Giggle and Chuckle Tummy can take their adventure on the road, on the trail and everywhere their t-shirts go!

We have dedicated our blog to giving updates on Free Range Chikn’s (Shane’s) whereabouts, with links and posts copied from his and our social media pages. Our social media & blog followers can make donations per mile or milestone and purchase t-shirts. Hikers (or anyone) can wear these shirts, take selfies and post, sharing our links and therefore raise awareness. See for details.

And in the spirit of this adventure, I have revived an old nickname given to me by my grandparents, to use as my honorary trail name too. The name’s Honeybee, so look for me when you want updates about the Adventures of Mr. Giggle and Chuckle Tummy, Free Range Chikn or any of the boys’ friends who are helping them rock the nation!

pct shirt

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