Join the PCT Walk For Hunter Awareness


Join Free Range Chikn on his walk for Cadence & Asher & Hunter Syndrome (MPS2) Awareness!

Can’t do the hike? It’s ok, there are other ways you can help! Click here

Thank you for your interest in hiking the PCT and in helping us spread awareness about Hunter Syndrome (MPS2).

This is a self organized walk. We cannot help you plan for your hike. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a wilderness trail which runs from Mexico to Canada along the western Pacific part of the US with accessibility in southern, central and northern California, Oregon and Washington. Thru hikers will traverse varying landscapes including desert, old growth forests, lakes, volcanoes, ridges, gorges and mountain ranges (Sierra Nevadas and Cascades). The trail is approximately 2,650 miles long. There are trail heads throughout so enthusiasts can hike sections or the entire trail. In other words, interested parties can hike for a day or hike for months. Attempting more than a day hike takes a lot of preparation. Many people who intend to hike the entire trail do not achieve their goal. Only 3,432 people have accomplished this impressive task and their names have been added to the 2,600 miler list! Will yours be the next name on the list?

If you decide to hike part or all of the PCT and to join Free Range Chikn’s cause, please let us know so we can add you to our campaign. We would like to coordinate with you in order to collect videos and photos of you wearing your PCT Hunter Syndrome Awareness Walk T-Shirt  along the trail and to help you post journal entries and photos with #mps2walk and links on social media, throughout your journey. Once you are finished with your hike, we will add your contributions to our video documentary to raise awareness for Hunter Syndrome (MPS2). Again, please let us know even if you plan to do a day hike, on or off the PCT.

Email us at

If you want to participate by hiking and you cannot get to the PCT, we will consider including photos, videos and journal entries in our social media campaign and video documentary,  from hikes which take place on any trails as long as it is done in honor of Cadence & Asher and is driven by the intention of spreading awareness about Hunter Syndrome (MPS2). 



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